4 tips for looking for the right caterer!

4 Tipps für die Suche nach dem richtigen Caterer!

1. Don't just trust Google

The first point of contact if you are looking for something on the Internet is usually Google. But Google is not omniscient either.
The search engines of the search engines depend on the relevance of the content, keywords and backlinks. The more external links refer to a website, the more important the algorithm classifies the page and the higher it placed it in the ranking.

However, Google does not know the quality of the services and, above all, not the taste!
When searching, you will find a variety of catering suggestions, which are usually not based on your own search intension. For example, if you search for business catering providers, you can quickly see wedding caterers.

Before you send out a contact request, you should deal with the content of the website beforehand and see whether the caterer really fits your concern or event. This saves you and at the same time the caterer a lot of time and effort.

2. “Convince” comes from “Witnesses”

A good quality factor for the right choice of the caterer are references and customers.
For example, if you are looking for a buffet catering and do not know what the quality of the catering offer is, you should watch the references on the website beforehand. In the best case, you will find photos of past Event Caterings.

If there are no witness reports, it is best to know what to do ...

3. Good caterers always have a solution

With the high number of catering companies in Berlin, it is becoming increasingly difficult to assert itself on the market. In general, service providers must have individual solutions ready to stand out from the crowd.

Therefore, the good caterers differ in contacting bad providers. A good business caterer can be recognized by the fact that relaxed special requests are made relaxed. Is it your own company logo on the packaging? Or ecological packaging options? Courts for allergy sufferers? Vegan finger food options?

4. Office catering is not a delivery service

For the quick hunger you also like to fall back on well -known delivery service platforms. Of course, the food is delivered, just like with caterers by people and yet both variants differ in very essential points.

- Delivery services do not deliver the food in large quantitiesBecause there is no transport options or the logistics cannot keep up with real business caterers. Special large kitchens, good equipment and transport options for logistics and cooling of the dishes are characterized by a good caterer.

- There is no time for special requests. With a high number of dishes ordered, experience has shown that there are also several special requests. A classic delivery service is quickly overwhelmed, while a caterer deals extensively with the order and the logistics and the kitchen team are well prepared.

- Customer service from order acceptance to delivery. Good business caterers have a permanent contact person who accepts the order, coordinated, is there for questions and wishes and is available until delivery (and even afterwards).

- Individual menu suggestions. While you can only fall back on the offer offered at a delivery service, you can create learned cooks in the kitchen with good cateren, the individual menus, matching your event!

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