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Small snacks raise the mood at every event. Book your individual glowing feeling fingerfood catering for Berlin and the surrounding area now.

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The glowing of finger food catering for Berlin

Authentic Taste Since 2012: With our fingerfood catering for Berlin and the surrounding area, we offer one Catering service in Berlin For small but fine snacks and appetizers. The catering buffet we vote individually to your taste and your event with you.

Warm and cold finger food catering for your event. Very close to you. Very regionally. All of Berlin.

The glowing of finger food catering for Berlin


Our small treats are guaranteed to arrive at every event: conferences, receptions or other business events - we create the right finger food catering for any kind and size of the event. We would be happy to implement your individual wishes for you and create a very individual finger food buffet. This also includes Grill catering Or vegan catering. Our finger food catering for Berlin and the surrounding area can be booked from 20 euros per person.

With these events, our finger food catering for Berlin is guaranteed to be well received:

- Parties
- Business events
- opening celebrations
- receptions
- Events of clubs and organizations
- Measure and conferences
- Team events
- meetings and seminars
- Film sets and photo shoots
- conferences
- seminars
- workshops
- Business meetings  


Fingerfood Catering Berlin

Diverse finger food catering in Berlin for every taste

Finger food is small, but diverse! There is something for every taste in our fingerfood catering for Berlin. Warm and cold, hearty and sweet, vegan, vegetarian and with meat - we put together the finger food buffet according to your wishes and implement individual food concepts for you. Your event has a special motto? We ensure that this is also reflected in Catering Berlin.

All specialties of the finger food buffet are appealing in the glass, on trays, spoons, on the spit or as a mini version, so that they can be consumed cutlerylessly. This makes our finger food buffets an informal and practical catering for events.


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- Authentic Taste Since 2012 -

Our most popular finger food buffets

You can put together your finger food catering individually with us.
These combinations are particularly popular with our customers:

Buffet "Amalfi"


"Amalfi" is a finger food catering in a Mediterranean style. Bruschetta, mini wraps and Venetian tomato soup are perfect snacks and also bring the Mediterranean flair to your event. For a price of 29 euros per person, we also serve Bresaola-Rucola rolls, prosciutto baskets with goat cheese and figs, wood balls with pasta pesto and small focaccia as well as chocolate mousse with balsamic cherries.


Buffet "Levante"


The oriental specialties such as filled mini-patitas, künefe and oriental lens soup of our finger food "Levante" inspire at events of all kinds. The buffet also includes crispy rolls with nomad cheese and black olives, teriyaki carpaccio, a vegan oriental quinoa burger, minced meat and aubergine Paprika canapés.


Vegetarian and vegan
Grill Catering Berlin


Of course, we also have a large selection of vegetarian and vegan catering in Berlin. So we make sure that your guests will definitely get their money's worth. It is possible to design the entire finger food catering vegetarian or vegan.


We offer other proven finger food buffets. We would be happy to send you this on request. All buffets can of course be individually adjusted.

We are known from:

That makes our finger food catering special in Berlin

Large selection for individual buffets


Our finger food buffets can be individually tailored to your wishes. In addition to fixed buffet combinations that our customers have already convinced, we are also happy to put together individual combinations for you. You can choose from a large selection of warm and cold, hearty and sweet as well as vegans and vegetarian specialties.


Full service Fingerfood Catering Berlin


Excellent service is part of our quality promise. We discuss your wishes for finger food catering and make suggestions on how our catering optimally supports your event. On the day of the event, we take care of assembly and dismantling so that you can concentrate entirely on your guests. We are always available for you: we usually answer catering requests within 24 hours.


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High quality and regional products


We find 100 percent fresh ingredients and work exclusively with selected suppliers. So you can be sure that our finger food buffets only serves regional products. On request, the entire finger food catering can be put together from organic food. Our Sustainable catering in Berlin It is also reflected in our packaging: we do without plastic and only use recyclable packaging.



Book your individual finger food catering in Berlin!

Are you convinced of and our concept? Then contact us for your individual finger food catering in Berlin and the surrounding area. We implement your wishes and ideas if possible. As a rule, you will receive an answer from us within 24 hours!


Why catering of glüx feeling?

100% natural

For our finger food dishes we only use fresh ingredients from selected suppliers of our trust.

Organic products

Ingredients from regional cultivation are very important to us, which is why we only try to use ingredients from Germany for our finger food variations.
Original finger food from Berlin!
Very close to you. 🧡

Best quality

Quality comes first. All variations are on the pulse of time and are carefully prepared by our chefs.
We offer various variations for finger food buffets, finger food party service and á la carte.

Always fresh

We do not use convience products or TK goods. Glüx feeling stands for freshness and we stand for feelings of glüx - the happiest party service in Berlin!

Common questions about finger food catering in Berlin


Where can the finger food catering be delivered?
We deliver our finger food catering at events of all kinds and size in Berlin and the surrounding area.

How many snacks should you order from finger food catering per person?

We advise you individually to match your event, the scope of the finger food buffet so that everyone is fed up. As a rule, ten to twelve snacks per person are recommended.

Do I have an impact on the compilation of finger food catering?
Of course, you can put together the finger food buffet individually according to your wishes. But we also offer proven buffet combinations that you can adapt as desired.

What can we do for you?

Would you like to order from us or do you have any questions about an order?
We are available for further wishes and questions.
We will answer you within 24 hours.

Value is request

Do you fancy Dolce Vita Flair?
Our cold plate with delicacies from Italy, catapults you directly into the land of music and painting.
Sweet your day with delicious canapés and other homemade finger food snacks.

100% fresh ingredients


No plastic, ecologically packaged. Vegetarian and vegan are available
Snacks & dishes.


From suppliers of our trust - Fingerfood Made in Berlin!


Always at the pulse of time. Order your finger food catering now!

What customers say about us

"A great praise to you! The boxes have arrived great and there are now some photos of your boxes on LinkedIn!
Unpackaging was also a great experience and you can see how much attention to detail is in it! "