Superfood for employees - this is how you make your team happy!

Superfood für Mitarbeiter - so machst Du Dein Team glücklich!

In the middle of everyday office life it is not always easy for us to eat healthy and often there is no time to prepare a good meal in the morning before going to work.

In hectic everyday life, you like to use fast food and sweets to breastfeed the quick hunger.
The result is usually a “down” at lunchtime and unproductivity because the body does not feed proper nutrients.

But there are also delicious and healthy opportunities to help you come throughout the day. The so -called “superfood” provides all important vitamins and nutrients that humans need for lunch. Superfood is diverse, imaginative and can be consumed in different forms.

We usually use the bowl variant and create balanced lunch bowls with selected ingredients. The individual components for the bowls are carefully selected by our food chiefs. We pay attention to digestive, vitamin -rich and slightly compatible ingredients that increase your energy level sustainably.

A regular business lunch is now a decisive point for the choice of the right employer and is even part of the corporate identity of many start-ups.

From our own experience, we know that companies that deal with the correct nutrition of their own employees have happier and more productive teams.

"Benefits that contribute to the right nutrition sustainably promote employee loyalty and motivation."

Good and healthy food is celebrated and ensures a better working atmosphere. There are various providers on the market for healthy business lunch and business caterings. The delivery of catering companies that specialize in business lunch is often offered.

We also offer delicious business lunch menus for teams and already enjoy the trust of many companies.

With us you can easily book your office catering by writing an email with your wishes. We are happy!

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